Professional Development: the teaching of writing

Professional Development Workshop Series ​

Graduate student employees of the Writing Program can polish their skills as writing teachers by participating in our series of professional development workshops.  In Winter 2018, topics include:

  • Building on the basic principles students have learned in Autumn quarter;
  • What worked: sharing and listening to past sucesses in the classroom;
  • Best pedagogical practices for meeting with students 1-on-1 or in pairs

Workshops are held in Stuart 330.   For our Winter 2018 workshop schedule, click here

Pedagogy courses for Writing Program employees

All writing program jobs require an initial pedagogy course:

  • Writing Interns in the Humanities Common Core take HUMA 50000 in Spring or Summer.
  • Tutors take HUMA 50000 in Spring or Summer.
  • Lectors in Academic and Professional Writing take ENGL 50300 in Autumn.