ESL/EAL Writing Tutors

The ESL/EAL Writing Tutor is trained by the English Language Institute to provide support for non-native English speakers seeking assistance with their Core writing assignments. The ESL/EAL Writing Tutor helps students build their knowledge of North American academic stylistic features and conventions related to the proper integration and citation of sources. The ESL/EAL Writing Tutor can also provide analysis of sentence level structural errors and teach students strategies to to avoid these moving forward.

Along with the College Writing Tutors, the ESL/EAL Writing Tutors are located in the Cathey North Reading Room (Harper Memorial 3rd Floor). To work with an ESL/EAL Writing Tutor, sign up at Cubicle 20. You do not need to use the online appointment system! 


Sundays, 6-8pm (Cubicle 20)
Betsy Pillion

Mondays, 6-8pm (Cubicle 20)
Kat Montemurro