LRS student information form

Now available: Spring 2017 Student Information Form

If you would like to take Academic and Professional Writing in Spring 2017, please fill out this form.  To take the course, you must register for the course through the Registrar, but this form will allow us to assign you to a seminar if you are registered and add you to the waiting list if you are not. 

Please write your first name here.
Please write your last name here.
Note: We need your *UChicago* email so we can enter you into Chalk and confirm your identity on the University's registration list.

Can you meet in a seminar that meets at an alternate time? Please note that by default, all LRS seminars run on Tuesdays from 3pm to 4:20pm, the time listed on the Schedule of Classes. If, however, there is sufficient interest from enough students, we may be able to make other times available. 

Please also note that 1) we cannot guarantee that alternate times will be available, and 2) no matter when your seminar is, you'll meet in a plenary session each Thursday from 3-4:20pm. If you have a time conflict for Thursday from 3-4:20pm, you'll have to take LRS in another quarter.

Thank you!

You're all done. If you have any comments or questions, please email us at

You will hear back from us about your placement in a seminar by noon on Friday of Week 1.

Please note that to express your continued interest in the course, we ask that you come to both meetings during Week 1 and sign in to the the attendance sheet.  

In Week 1, we have TWO plenary lectures (Tuesday and Thursday, 3:00-4:20pm). 
Beginning in Week 2, we will hold small group seminars on Tuesdays and plenary lectures on Thursdays.