LRS student information form

Spring 2018 Student Information Form is available!

Thank you for your interest in Academic and Professional Writing (The Little Red Schoolhouse)! 

Please note that this form is not your official registration for the course; you must also formally enroll through the University's registration system.

This form functions to give us more detailed information about you:

  •  if you are registered, filling out this form gives us the information we need to assign you to a small-group seminar (required); 
  • if you are not yet registered, filling out this form reserves a spot for you on the course waiting list.

*Third- and fourth-year undergraduates may take the Little Red Schoolhouse (LRS) in Winter or Spring; in the Autumn quarter, the course is open to graduate students only.

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Note: We need your *UChicago* email so we can enter you into Canvas and confirm your identity on the University's registration list.

During the Spring Quarter, LRS lecture (required) meets Thursday from 2:00pm until 3:20pm. Required discussion sections (seminars) meet at one of three times.

In Week 1 only, lecture will meet on BOTH Tuesday and Thursday from 2:00-3:20pm.

Beginning in Week 2, small-group discussions (seminars) will meet on either Tuesday or Wednesday, and the plenary lectures will occur every Thursday from 2:00-3:20. All registered students must be able to attend the Thursday lectures as well as a small-group seminar at one of the following times.

Thank you!

You're all done. If you have any comments or questions, please email us at

You will hear back from us about your placement in a seminar by Friday of Week 1 (March 30).

Please note that to express your continued interest in the course, we ask that you come to both Week 1 lectures on Tuesday, March 27 and Thursday, March 29 and sign in to the the attendance sheet.