Professional Development for Writing Program Employees

Professional Development Workshop Series ​

Graduate student employees of the Writing Program can polish their skills as writing teachers by participating in our series of professional development workshops.  The Autumn 2018 Professional Development Workshop Series is posted below.

WP Professional Development - Aut18 (1).jpg

Workshops are held in Autumn, Winter and Spring quarters, and typically cover a range of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Intern Test Kitchen: workshopping handouts and activities to use in the classroom
  • Strategies for managing paper comments
  • Refreshers on Writing Program principles such as Warrant, Discourse Structure, and Sentence-level Principles
  • Using preparation prompts: laying a foundation for seminar
  • Best practices for working with students one-on-one


Pedagogy Courses for Writing Program Employees

All writing program jobs require an initial pedagogy course:

  • Writing Interns in the Humanities Common Core take HUMA 50000 in Spring or Summer.
  • Tutors take HUMA 50000 in Spring or Summer.
  • Lectors in Academic and Professional Writing take ENGL 50300 in Autumn.

CAs and TAs in other departments are welcome to take our Spring or Summer training course for their own professional development, if seats are available.