Working as a Lector in Academic and Professional Writing

Lectors in Academic and Professional Writing (The Little Red Schoolhouse)

What is LRS? LRS is a quarter-long course in advanced academic and professional writing. We now offer versions of LRS for graduate students in the divisions, for MBA students in the Graduate School of Business, and for third and fourth-year undergraduates in the College. The course's approach to writing is "reader-based," which means that we teach our students how to anticipate readers' responses to their prose and how to tailor their prose to meet readers' expectations. What kind of readers? We're geared to helping writers reach the academic and professional readers that they'll be addressing in graduate school or in their professions after college. To do this, we teach principles of clear writing that build upon one another: we start with clear sentences, move on to paragraphs, and conclude at the level of the text as a whole.

What do lectors in LRS do? Lectors meet with approximately seven students once a week in an hour and a half long seminar. Students write short papers once a week, read each others papers, and discuss them in the seminar. Lectors read the student's papers, lead the seminar discussion, and write extensive critiques on the papers each week. Lectors also attend the weekly lecture that the students attend.

Training:  Lectors take a one-quarter training course, English 50300, offered every Autumn quarter.  

Additional teaching opportunities for Lectors. Once you've worked as a Lector at the undergraduate level, you become eligible for consideration as a Lector in the graduate versions of LRS. Graduate Lectors teach M.A. and Ph.D. level students, as well as sections of physicians, public policy students, and University administrators. You may also work as a Humanities Intern without taking an additional training course. Lectors are eligible to teach in the summer versions of LRS, but these opportunities vary with enrollment each year.