Writing Program Application Submission

Before you begin

Please note that this application is open only to University of Chicago graduate and professional school students.  For further information and questions, please contact us at writing-program@uchicago.edu. (Looking to apply as an Undergrad Peer Writing Tutor? Visit this page instead.)

Make sure you have the following materials ready to submit as three individual electronic files.  Forms and cover sheets for all of these materials are included in our 2019 application packet, which also includes a wealth of advice and specific instructions. 

  1. A Personal Statement and our Personal Statement Cover Sheet (included in the Application Packet);   
  2. A 10-page Writing Sample with our Writing Sample Cover Sheet attached (form included in the Application Packet); 
  3. A student paper comment.  The Application packet includes the sample paper for you to comment on. 

Applicant Information

If your preferred first name is different from the first name listed in University records, let us know!
We require ONE recommendation for each applicant. Our preference is for recommenders who are familiar with your teaching -or- who can evaluate your potential as a teacher (for example, a professor who can evaluate how well you interacted with others in a discussion-based course). Your recommender need not be from UChicago -- select the person who can give us the best insight into your teaching.
You may submit a second recommendation if you feel that we can get a better picture of your teaching experience from two different people; however, be assured that one is perfectly fine!
Please specify the title of your writing sample here.
Please upload your writing sample here; the maximum length is ten pages. Before uploading your sample, make sure you've filled out and attached the Writing Sample Cover Sheet included in our application packet. We accept .doc, .docx, and .rtf files.
The paper for you to comment on is included in our application packet. We accept .doc, .docx, and .rtf files.
Please upload your personal statement here. Put the personal statement on the cover sheet included in our Application Form.
LECTORS teach advanced writing principles to 3rd- and 4th-year undergrads (and later, potentially, grad students) in the "Little Red Schoolhouse"/Academic and Professional Writing. LRS is a full-quarter course; lectors teach a weekly 7-student section. The position is renewable with good performance.
WRITING INTERNS work alongside an instructor in a Humanities Core sequence for 1st-year undergraduates; the Intern leads students in workshops/seminars in college writing. HUMA courses are quarter-long; the position is renewable with good performance.
WRITING TUTORS work for 4-hour shifts one or more days/evenings per week, helping undergraduates 1-on-1 with papers written for their Common Core classes. The position is renewable with good performance.