College Teaching Certificate with Emphasis in Writing Pedagogy

College Teaching Certificate with Emphasis in Writing Pedagogy

To help graduate students and postdocs develop their approach to teaching and their approach to student writing, the Writing Program has partnered with the Chicago Center for Teaching to offer a College Teaching Certificate (CTC) with Emphasis in Writing Pedagogy. The Writing Pedagogy programming introduces participants to various theories and practices of giving feedback on student writing; helps teachers design courses to meet writing-focused learning objectives; and asks teachers to implement writing pedagogy techniques into their teaching at UChicago, reflecting on that implementation with Writing Program Directors. As part of their Teaching Portfolio, participants will design a syllabus that includes a substantial writing component. 

For more information about the certificate requirements visit the CTC site. To register for the certificate and track your progress, enroll on Canvas.

Spring 2019 Writing Pedagogy Workshops:
Using Writing Assignments to Meet Learning Objectives

Thursday, April 25th 10:00am-12:00pm, Writing Program Office (Stuart 330)

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This workshop will help teachers plan their course with a writing end-goal in mind. Teachers will learn how to shape both the readings and sequence of assignments in a course to build writing skills. Teachers will also think critically about what specific writing skills assignments can cultivate and how assignments build upon each other. 

Rhetoric of Writing-Focused Feedback

Wednesday, April 24th 10:00am-12:00pm, Writing Program Office (Stuart 330)

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This collaborative workshop asks participants to think critically about writing-focused feedback in their practice: what, out of many potential functions, do you want your feedback on student writing to do? We'll discuss different modes of and approaches to feedback, as well as the learning objectives they most directly serve. With these insights, participants will be equipped to decide what kind of writing-focused feedback to include in their course design, when, and how. Participants will also be equipped to reflect on and better articulate those decisions in future job materials.