How Writing Tutors Can Help

Writing Tutors teach writing on a one-on-one basis in 40 minute sessions. They're not copyeditors or proofreaders; instead, they work with students on individual papers in order to help improve students' overall skills in academic argumentation and structure.  

Writing Tutors Can:

  • Brainstorm on how to get started on a paper or how to best approach a paper assignment or prompt, particularly in terms of how to construct an argument.
  • Read a full or partial draft of a paper and comment on its overall argumentation (use of textual evidence, logical flow of argument, persuasive placement of points, etc.).
  • Read a full or partial draft of a paper and comment on its organization, both globally and at the paragraph level.
  • Spot patterns of mechanical errors in a student's prose and teach the student how to identify and correct these patterns.
  • Make suggestions for how to revise a paper for greater coherence, clarity, and persuasiveness of argument.

To Prepare For A Writing Tutor Session:

  • Bring a copy of your paper
  • Bring the paper prompt, if there is one.
  • Take note of any particular areas of concern or questions that you have for the Writing Tutor.

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If you're seeking ongoing support on projects longer than 10 pages, you may contact us at We can help you find a suitable tutor or a local fee-based editor.