Contact Us

We welcome your comments and inquiries, and we are glad to provide information and support. 

For general inquiries, please write to, or call our office at (773) 834-0850. If you're unsure of who to contact, our Program Coordinator can forward your correspondence to the right person or people. 

Writing Program Staff Contact Information

Larry McEnerney, Director
(773) 702-7995
Harper Memorial Library W601

Kathryn Cochran, Deputy Director
(773) 702-1936
Stuart 330A

Tracy Weiner, Senior Associate Director
(773) 834-4691
Gates-Blake Hall 109

Linda Smith-Brecheisen, Associate Director
(773) 702-2658
Gates-Blake Hall 129

Margaret Fink, Assistant Director
(773) 834-0850
Stuart 330

Ashley Lyons, Assistant Director
(773) 834-0850
Stuart 330

Carissa Ábrego-Collier, Program Coordinator 
(773) 834-0850
Stuart 330

Getting to the Writing Program Office (Stuart 330)

Our main office is located in the North Reading Room of the Arley D. Cathey Learning Center, which in turn is located on the 3rd floor of Harper Memorial Library (1116 E. 59th Street). Please note that although our office technically sits on the third floor of Stuart Hall, it is only accessible via Harper Memorial Library's Cathey Learning Center.