LRS Registration Details: Autumn 2023

LRS small-group seminars are divided into designated sections. Only register for the section you fall under, or you will lose your seat in the course.

PME: Sections 1 – 2

MAPHSection 3

MAPSS: Section 4

MACSS: Section 5

*Graduate students: Sections 6 – 9

Undergraduates: Sections 10 – 12

*All graduate students in general Master’s and PhD programs. For all other students, please refer to the “Who may register for LRS?” tab in the FAQ below.

All LRS lectures and discussion sections will be taught in person.

Information regarding course registration and enrollment is provided in our FAQ below.

If you still have questions about which section is appropriate for you, please contact us at

When is LRS offered?

LRS is offered in all quarters.

Summer Quarter Note:

LRS is open to undergraduates through Summer Programs. University of Chicago graduate students can only be waitlisted until Summer Programs confirms LRS will be offered in the summer. (This typically happens at the end of May.) We will then offer graduate students open seats if there are any. If you are a University of Chicago graduate student who would like to be placed on a waitlist for consideration into summer LRS, please contact us at

In Summer Quarter, LRS is an accelerated course over six weeks. Both lectures and sections occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The turnaround time for assignments is also faster than in other quarters; therefore, it is advised that students consider these changes carefully prior to registration. No students will be permitted to enroll in the course after Week 1.

Who may register for LRS?

1st and 2nd-year undergraduates may not register or enroll in LRS.

  • However, 2nd-year undergraduates who will be rising 3rd-year undergraduates in Autumn may enroll for LRS offered in the Summer Quarter.

3rd- and 4th-year Undergraduates:

  • You may pre-register for the course prior to the quarter.
  • If you are not enrolled in the course after undergraduate registrations are resolved, you may place yourself on the waitlist when it opens.
  • The course will close to new registrations the Friday before the beginning of the quarter. We will invite students from the waitlist to enroll during Week 1, space permitting.

Students in PME (Autumn Only for PME Sections):

  • Please contact your Assistant Dean of Students to place yourself on their LRS waitlist. They will enrolled you in the course per your position on their waitlist. (You may not enroll in any other section of the course.)

Students in MAPSS, MACSS, MAPH, and CIR:

  • You must place yourself on the LRS waitlist when it opens during graduate student registration.
  • Your respective programs will enroll you in the course before Week 1 (space permitting).

Master’s students in Divinity, Public Health, and Harris School of Public Policy:

  • You may register for any of the general graduate sections of LRS as you would normally during registration week.

PhD students:

  • You may register for any of the general graduate sections of LRS as you would normally during registration week.

Students in professional degree programs (LLM, MBA, JD, MD, Graham School):

  • You must place yourself on the LRS waitlist when it opens during graduate student registration.
  • You must wait until Friday of Week 1 to register if a spot becomes available and extended to you.

Graduate students from institutions in the Chicago Metropolitan Exchange Program (CMEP):

  • You are encouraged to register for the course. Further information regarding registration is provided in the “How do I register?” section and through students’ host institutions.

Non-UChicago students, UChicago staff, and post-doctoral fellows are not permitted to register for LRS.

How do I register?

3rd- and 4th-year Undergraduate Students:

Eligible undergraduate students can only pre-register for the designated undergraduate LRS sections. Once student pre-registrations are resolved (usually around Week 9 or Finals Week), then the Registrar’s Office will register students in sections that work with students’ schedules.

Please note that undergraduate students may not place themselves on the LRS wailtist until the resolution period, and only if they are unable to enroll in the course per the results of their resolutions. If undergraduate students request to be enrolled in LRS after resolutions, we ask that they drop those requests and place themselves on the waitlist, as we have an internal process with which we invite and approve waitlisted students into open spots in the course. Unfortunately, we are unable to add, drop, or switch students enrolled in sections.

Eligible Graduate Students:

Eligible students (see “Who may register for LRS?”) may register themselves in an appropriate discussion section as designated in the course listing. Any student registered in an incorrect section will be dropped from the course and may register in the correct section if space remains. Most graduate students should register in a “General Grad” section unless otherwise specified.

  • Students in the PME program must contact the Assistant Dean of Students to waitlist and register for program-specific sections of the course. If your program has a designated section(s), you will not be permitted to join a General Graduate section.
  • Students in the MAPSS, MAPH, CIR, or MACSS programs must place themselves on the LRS waitlist below. Their program administrator will register students for program-specific sections of the course by the Friday before Week 1. Again: If your program has a designated section(s), you will not be permitted to join a General Graduate section.

Professional Students (e.g. JD, MBA, MD, MSW, LLM, GSAL):

To reiterate: Professional students seeking master’s degrees at Booth, the Law School, and SSA, as well as Graduate Students-at-Large through the Graham School, must fill out the LRS Waitlist Form and wait until Friday of Week 1 to register if a spot becomes available.

Chicago Metropolitan Exchange Program (CMEP) Students:

Students must first apply through their home institutions. The home school will then submit their application to the University of Chicago’s CMEP Liaison, who forwards them to the instructors of ENGL 33000. Approval to take the course is dependent on student qualifications and enrollment availability. Students who wish to apply through CMEP or other exchange programs should consult their home institution’s procedures and apply well before the quarter in which they would like to enroll. For more information, students are advised to contact their CMEP Liaisons at their home instutitions. Exchange programs are handled by UChicagoGRAD at the University of Chicago.

All Waitlisted Students:

In fairness to everyone seeking enrollment into the course, we ask that students do NOT add their names to the waitlist if they are already enrolled in an LRS section. Otherwise, students may be removed from waitlist consideration.

If students drop their LRS section and find that all sections are full, we ask that they please fill out the Waitlist Form so that we may attempt to re-place students in their original section or other open sections they prefer.


Unfortunately, LRS is restricted to registered University of Chicago students. Alumni, professionals, and students outside the University of Chicago may reach out to us at for alternative writing resources.

Questions About LRS Access

The discussion section I want to be in is full. How can I enroll in LRS?

If the course is full (or if your desired discussion time is full), you may place yourself on the waitlist at the bottom of this page, which will open on Monday, November 14th for Winter 2023. You are also welcome to continue checking the course listing prior to the beginning of the quarter to see if a spot opens up. The course will be closed to new registrations the Friday before the quarter begins. By Friday of Week 1, we will notify those on the waitlist if a spot opens up in their desired section. In the meantime, waitlisters will be able to access course materials on the Canvas site and must attend lectures in Week 1 on Tuesday and Thursday. Discussion sections begin meeting during Week 2. Please note that we do not indicate where students are on the waitlist.

If I’m waitlisted, how will I be able to access the course materials?

You will be added to the course Canvas site on the Friday before classes start, which will contain all the materials you will need for the first week of LRS. You will also be emailed a list of instructions addressing enrollment procedures and other questions. All waitlisted students are permitted to attend lectures for the first two weeks of the course; afterward, only enrolled students can attend lectures.

What if I want to switch sections?

If you would like to switch sections, students must drop the course and then place themselves on the waitlist if they are unable to re-enroll into an open spot. We do not perform or facilitate switches between students in sections. Please note that students cannot place themselves on the waitlist if they are already enrolled in a section.

What if I want to audit the course?

We are not allowing anyone to view lectures and course materials outside of students waitlisted in Week 1. We also do not allow anyone to officially audit the course. If you are unable to take LRS because you have dropped the course or have not secured a spot into the course during Week 1, you will not be able to further access lectures and course materials – no exceptions.

I couldn’t enroll into LRS this quarter. Will you guarantee me a spot next quarter?

We do not guarantee any student a spot in LRS in any quarter.


The LRS waitlist is now closed for Autumn 2023.

Graduate students in specific programs (MAPH, MAPSS, MACSS) must place themselves on the LRS waitlist. Their respective departments will enroll them before Week 1 of the course (space permitting).

If you have any questions, please email us at