Undergraduate Write-Ins

Join your fellow writers for dedicated, communal writing time by participating in our Undergraduate Write-ins! What is a Write-in? Simply put, a Write-in is a block of time set aside for writers to write quietly together. During the first ten minutes, we will guide writers in setting some specific goals for their time, and then we’ll all ride the wave of collective energy to keep our writing projects moving forward productively! 

We welcome students in the College to sign up for one or all of the three Write-ins this quarter by clicking on the links below. This Autumn, our Write-ins will be held virtually via Zoom. After you sign up, you will be emailed the Zoom link to join your fellow writers.

Our first two Virtual Write-ins this Autumn are in partnership with the Humanities Collegiate Division, but all College students are welcome to attend. Our end of quarter Virtual Write-in is part of International Write-in Week. In camaraderie with thousands of writers across the world, nearly a hundred institutions hold Write-in events during the first week of December to support and strengthen their local writing community and help alleviate the isolation of writing alone. 

Questions? Please contact us at writing-program@uchicago.edu.

What are the benefits of a Write-in?

By joining a Write-in, you can…

  • Give yourself breathing room to work on complex writing tasks
  • Give yourself more time for thought and more time for revision
  • Make incremental progress so your writing goal does not feel like a Herculean task
  • Build a healthier writing practice!

Even though writing can feel overwhelming and isolating, when you participate in a Write-in, you aren’t alone!

What can you do in a Write-in?

  • If you are just getting started on a paper, you can use the time to wrap your head around the prompt, or to return to a text to do some close-reading and analysis. Perhaps that return to close-reading will drum up some interesting new ideas for your paper that you can free-write about.  
  • If you already have a rough draft, you can use the time to analyze the strength or logical flow of your argument, organize your paragraphs, or craft an introduction. 
  • You can prepare for an upcoming writing seminar or Writing Tutor session.
  • You can also use the Write-in time to implement revisions based on feedback you’ve received from your peers, a Writing Tutor, your Writing Specialist or Writing Intern, or your Instructor.
Interested in learning more about our Autumn quarter Undergraduate Write-ins or seeking advice on how to set S.M.A.R.T. writing goals? Check out our short videos:

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