How to Drop In

Students without an appointment can drop-in on the day they’d like to be seen and place themselves on the waitlist. The Writing Tutors are available Sunday evenings through Friday afternoons (see schedule). All Writing Tutors are located on the 3rd Floor of Harper Memorial Library, in the Cathey North Reading Room.

When You Arrive: Check-In to the Waitlist


To see a Writing Tutor without an appointment, check-in when you arrive, which will place you on the waitlist.  Check-in here or via the Check-In Kiosk near Cubicle 18. You can choose a particular Cubicle (see schedule) or choose to work with Any Tutor.

When you check-in, we encourage you to enable SMS notifications so you do not miss your turn if you need to step out of the waiting area to print a paper or grab a snack.

No-Show Policy


It is important to remain near the cubicles while you wait. If you are not present when the Writing Tutor calls your name, the Tutor will wait five minutes. If you miss your turn, you will be removed from the waitlist. You can either check-in again to place yourself back on the waitlist, or you can book an appointment for the following day.