College Core Writing Tutors

For undergraduates writing in the Common Core

College Core Writing Tutors will hold all Autumn 2020 tutoring sessions remotely via video conferencing platform Zoom. Students should follow the same process as usual to sign-up for appointments and to add themselves to the wait list. Instructions for how to work with Writing Tutors remotely are detailed below, in the section How to Prepare for your Remote Tutor Session.

College Core Writing Tutors act as a resource to help students develop and improve the organization, coherence, and argumentative sophistication of their essays. Writing Tutors work with students through the entire writing process from the crucial moments of brainstorming and questioning, to drafted/outlined material, to full drafts.

Writing Tutors are available during Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters, beginning in Week Two and extending through Finals Week.

Autumn Quarter Hours

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Cubicle 15

Jack, 2-6pm
Alisa, 6-10pm

Moksha* 2-6pm
Nan, 6-10pm
Olivia, 2-6pm
Madeleine, 6-10pm
Ariz, 6-10pm Claire, 6-10pm Clara, 12-4pm
Cubicle 16 Zachary, 2-6pm
Lucia, 6-10pm
Emma, 2-6pm
Jake, 6-10pm
Michelle, 2-6pm
Naomi, 6-10pm
Bradley, 6-10pm Yasser, 2-6pm
Hannah, 6-10pm
Nathan, 12-4pm
Cubicle 17 Danielle, 6-10pm Sanjukta, 6-10pm Diane, 6-10pm Ruth, 6-10pm Alisa, 6-10pm
Cubicle 18 Brianna, 6-10pm Kerry, 6-10pm Nicholas, 6-10pm Michelle, 6-10pm Jane, 6-10pm
Cubicle 19 Brigid, 6-10pm Susan, 6-10pm Michele, 6-10pm Abdullah, 6-10pm Natalie, 6-10pm
Cubicle 20 Jialin, 6-10pm Jennifer, 6-10pm Ian, 6-10pm Allison, 6-10pm Cory, 6-10pm
ESL/EAL Tutor (through ELI) Abigail**, 8-10pm Kat***, 6-10pm

*Weeks 4, 6, 8, 10, and Finals only.
**Weeks 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, and Finals only.
***8-10pm on Weeks 2 and 3
Please note that the Writing Program does not schedule for ESL/EAL Tutors. ESL/EAL Tutors can be scheduled at

All students writing for Humanities, Social Science, or Civilizations Core sequences are welcome to book an appointment the Writing Tutors. Undergraduates writing for courses outside the Core, as well as those seeking feedback on application essays, may sign themselves up for the drop-in list.

Please note that the drop-in list is for the same day only, during the shifts in which Writing Tutors work.

How the Writing Tutors Can Help

Writing Tutors can:
  • Brainstorm on how to get started on a paper or how to best approach a paper assignment or prompt, particularly in terms of how to construct an argument.
  • Read a full or partial draft of a paper and comment on its overall argumentation (use of textual evidence, logical flow of argument, persuasive placement of points, etc.).
  • Read a full or partial draft of a paper and comment on its organization, both globally and at the paragraph level.
  • Spot patterns of mechanical errors in a student’s prose and teach the student how to identify and correct these patterns.
  • Make suggestions for how to revise a paper for greater coherence, clarity, and persuasiveness of argument.

Things Tutors Do Not Do

  • Writing Tutors do not copy-edit, proofread, or otherwise “correct” papers. 
  • Writing Tutors do not fix grammar errors.
  • Writing Tutors do not interpret course readings or course content for students.
  • Writing Tutors do not read papers longer than 10 pages, double-spaced.

How to Prepare for your Remote Tutor Session

If you Book an Appointment:

  • Schedule with any of the tutors (Cubicles) for open reservation slots throughout the week.
  • Check-in for your appointment up to 30 minutes in advance. Use the link in your appointment confirmation email to check-in. This will let your Tutor know you are ready to begin your session.
  • At your appointment start time, your Tutor will email you an invitation to join the Zoom meeting.
  • Prepare your document to be shared with the Tutor by creating a link to view it in Google Docs.

If you are making a Drop-In appointment:

  • Please understand that you are putting yourself on the drop-in list for the day you sign up. Once you check in, tutors will only reach out to you during the days and shifts they are working. If you would like to make an appointment, please refer the above-mentioned directions to do so.
  • Please provide any notes to tutors about your availablity. You will be contacted via email at your available time, so please make sure to check your spam for any invitation emails that may have been filtered.
  • Prepare your document to be shared with the Tutor by creating a link to view it in Google Docs.
  • Keep your email browser open. When a Tutor is available to work with you, they will send you an email inviting you to join the Zoom meeting. Again, please make sure to check your spam folders, as Zoom invitations sometimes get filtered into spam. We also ask that you allow at least fifteen minutes for a Tutor to contact you regarding your reservation, as unexpected technical and chronological delays can arise throughout the afternoon. This is especially true during busier weeks throughout the quarter.

ESL/EAL Writing Tutor

For multilingual College and graduate students seeking support for written English

The ESL/EAL Writing Tutor is trained by the English Language Institute to provide support for non-native English speakers seeking assistance with their Core writing assignments. The ESL/EAL Writing Tutor helps students build their knowledge of North American academic stylistic features and conventions related to the proper integration and citation of sources. The ESL/EAL Writing Tutor can also provide analysis of sentence level structural errors and teach students strategies to avoid these moving forward. 

Undergraduates receive priority to work with the ESL/EAL Writing Tutor, but graduate students may be seen on a drop-in basis if no one is waiting.

To work with an ESL/EAL Writing Tutor, sign up at this link (undergrads only). The ESL/EAL Writing Tutor schedule is available here: (Winter 2020: most Sunday and Thursday evenings in Cubicle 20). You can also drop-in to Cubicle 20 if no one is waiting.

All Writing Tutors, including the ESL/EAL tutor, are located in the Cathey North Reading Room (Harper Memorial Library 3rd floor).