We’re delighted to announce the recipients of Writing Program awards for the 2019-2020 Academic Year!

Since 2003, The Writing Program has recognized Lectors, Interns, and Tutors who have been highly regarded by students and faculty for exceptional teaching. The Writing Program typically gives two awards per category – one to a new staff member and another to a more experienced staff member.

This year’s six recipients include:

David Hogue and Scout Wilson, who have each earned the Karen DiNal Memorial Award. This award recognizes their exceptional teaching to first-year students in CORE classes. One professor remarked that David was “professional, effective, warm, and welcoming to the students”. Another professor spoke highly of Scout, praising his “good humor, humanity and knowledge, [which] definitely improved the class.”

Noah Feeman and Silvia Guslandi, who have each earned the Francis X. Kinahan Memorial Award. This award recognizes their outstanding instruction in Academic and Professional Writing (“Little Red Schoolhouse”). One student noted that Noah “clearly cared very deeply about writing…always setting a good example for the level of effort we should be putting in the course.” Silvia, who served as a new Lector in LRS this year, made a positive impact on students who appreciated how “her feedback was specific, actionable, and pertinent to the lecture material.”

David Reher and James Woodall, who have each earned the College Writing Tutor Award. This award recognizes their commitment to tutoring students, assisting them in becoming more effective writers. A student seeking assistance remarked that James was “very specific and forced him to delve deeper into my writing”. Another student “could not be happier” with David’s help, complimenting that he “let me talk through my ideas and helped me have a clearer message”.

Congratulations to all our award recipients for their hard work and dedication to teaching our students valuable techniques to improve their writing! They now join several esteemed staff members who have gone on to serve as scholars, writers, and other professionals after their work at the University of Chicago. You may learn more about the Writing Program awards, including our past award recipients, on our new Writing Programs Awards page!

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